Magnetic Fields & Zero Dimensional Planes:

drone and ambient compilation

Ontwerp voor een Compilatie-cd van het label Consouling Sounds. “It's very hard

to define what exactly ambient and drone music is. It's a broad spectrum with

hardly any boundaries and which is open to a lot of experiments. Sometimes

gentle sounds without much variations, other times dreams-evoking and

oppressive rhythms. With this compilation we try to do justice to this diversity,

as the sound palette goes from monotone soundscapes and guitar drones over dark

ambient and field recordings to electronic and new age-like ambient. Nearly all

tracks are unreleased and/or exclusive to this release. Featured artists are:

[multer], Blyndhæð, Distant Fires Burning, IAM., Mirko Uhlig, Monotonos, N,

Nihilum, Premonition Factory, Simulacra, Soundsketching and Tzesne. Comes in

a folded A2-poster designed by Merijn Dietvorst from .vorst ontwerp You can pre-

order this compilation now for the special price of 6 euro (p&p worldwide included)

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